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With unique artwork, these transgender artists bring perspective and style displayed on quality, dysphoria-friendly merch. 100% of profits on your purchase go directly to transgender artists. You’re helping transgender creators continue their advocacy work!

No Mistakes Collection

Originally drawn with a pen on paper as a drawing exercise to embrace mistakes, Beau brings his art to life by sharing this stunning collection.


Dropping his first merch collection, Aaron was inspired by his transition journey as a transgender man for each specific design. 


Most of her designs here are is inspired by her experience as a VJ, where she creates visuals for live events and shows, infusing them with energy and excitement.

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Entrepreneur & Creator

Aaron Capener

Artist and entrepreneur, Aaron creates content that helps educate people what it's like to be transgender in today's society and helps people live their authentic lives more peacefully.

Through his content creation, he seeks to educate and raise awareness about the experiences of transgender individuals in today's society. Aaron has been a dedicated advocate for the transgender community since 2016, using his social media channels to promote understanding, tolerance, and acceptance. As an entrepreneur, Aaron strives to create products and services that empower and support the transgender community, from clothing lines that promote gender inclusivity to educational resources that help individuals live their most authentic lives. With his passion, creativity, and advocacy, Aaron is making a significant impact in the fight for transgender rights and equality.
Artist & Activist

Beau DuBois

Model, artist and activist Beau DuBois showcases his first ever merch collection derived from his pen drawing exercise embracing mistakes!

Beau is an artist and model known for his bubbly personality and unwavering support for the transgender community. For many years, Beau has used his creative talents to advocate for transgender rights and promote greater acceptance and understanding. His art and modeling work often explore themes of gender identity and expression, inspiring others to live their most authentic lives. Through his warm and loving personality, Beau has become a beloved figure in the transgender community, offering support and encouragement to those who need it most. When he's not creating art or modeling, Beau can be found living his best life with his partner and their guinea pigs. With his passion, talent, and compassion, Beau is making a meaningful impact in the world, one artwork and one smile at a time.
Artist & Designer

Charli Hickam

Charli, better known as Hexadecibal, is a talented transwoman artist from Tennessee. With a degree in computer animation and three years of experience VJing in the EDM scene, she has honed her craft and developed a unique style that is sure to captivate audiences.

Charli's art is focused on making people smile, and showcasing her friends in the best possible light on stage. Her humble yet enthusiastic approach to her work has earned her a dedicated following and cemented her status as a rising star in the art and music communities.