The Countdown Begins: 1 Week Until Top Surgery!

Hey ya’lll! Oh do I have the alpha for you today. Big news. In just 1 short week, I’ll be going in for my long-awaited top surgery. YES FOR REAL! Can you feel the excitement and nervous energy radiating through your screens? Because I feel like I’ma explode over here!

Let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride leading up to this moment. I’ve dreamed about this day for what feels like forever, and now it’s finally becoming a reality. I never thought I’d be able to afford this surgery, let alone have a wonderful support system behind me. It’s a mix of emotions, like trying to catch a handful of confetti in mid-air – pure joy, nerves, and anticipation all rolled into one.

I’ve been preparing like a champ. I’ve had consultations with my surgeon Dr. Eric Emerson and the Caromont healthcare team, discussing all the ins and outs of the procedure. Some have been fantastic at easing my concerns and making sure I know what to expect. Shoutout to the Caromont nurses for being superheroes in scrubs!

Of course, I couldn’t have made it this far without the incredible team I have in my corner. Not only my support group the Lone Wolf District, but my wife and family have been absolute rock stars. They’ve been there for me every step of the way, offering encouragement and lending an ear to my worries to keep me laughing through it all. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing tribe.

As the day approaches, I find myself getting both more excited and more nervous. It’s like that feeling when you’re about to go on a roller coaster – you can’t wait for the thrilling ride, but there’s that hint of butterflies in your stomach. But you know what? I’m embracing it all. This journey is an incredible opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and self-love.

I’m taking this time to practice self-care and mental preparation. Planning ahead, envisioning it, and long walks talking it out with my wife has become my go-to activities. And let’s not forget the power of a good playlist to keep the positive vibes flowing! If you know anything about me you know I can’t do silence. I’ll always play those tunes.

So, my friends, buckle up and join me on this wild ride. I’ll be sure to keep you updated as the big day approaches and share the highs and lows of my top surgery journey. Thank you for being here, cheering me on, and reminding me that I’m not alone in this.

Until next time, stay badass and keep spreading that love and positivity!

Love Always, Aaron

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