Removing TransTape? Learn these hacks.


Time to change your application? I’ll walk you through it in this video below. Check out these hacks below and the full tutorial on how to remove TransTape

Change the tape every 3-5 days. I know this may seem unnatural to leave it on when you shower, but it will leave you with the best results for your skin. If you put on new tape every day the skin WILL tear and become raw making it not only painful but impossible to continue taking over the top of it.

Instead of using soap or water for removal, it’s recommended to use an oil-based product. TransTape sells its own Removal Oil at a reasonable price too. If you’re looking for a DIY substitute you can use coconut oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil and let soak for 3-5 minutes. It’s best to cover the strips in the oily solution for only 3-5  minutes as the oil properties will help break down the adhesive and if you soak too long it will leave a sticky residue. Do not rip off ‘like-a-bandaid’. Remove slowly and in the direction you applied the strip.

I add Repairing Salve after removing on my night or day off from taping. It’s important to take breaks too!


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TransTape Removal Tutorial


Repairing Salve

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