I’ve been doing this for about 4 years and my girl is STILL catching me scratching my TransTape to death unknowingly. Let’s learn what to do to skip this awkward feeling! You REALLY shouldn’t be scratching or itching over the top of the TransTape as it will cause friction and irritation under the TransTape. It will cause the skin underneath to create hickey-type irritation spots.

I used to get those on the bottom line where the TransTape hits my chest. That irritation can lead sometimes to bruising if you do it hard or long enough. TRUST me on that one – shit ain’t fun. SO! Let’s keep you from doing that. Do you know what they say about your eyes being itchy? If you stop, it’s supposed to slowly stop itching? I can’t say this happens with the TransTape instantly but if you distract yourself that can help. It’s best left completely alone. Let’s talk tips.

If you get itchy/hot under the TransTape, try applying an ice pack until the itchiness subsides. You might also be overstretching causing that itchiness. If you know for sure the stretch is minimal and it’s still consistently happening to your skin, then you should consider adding a thin layer of this – milk of magnesia and let it completely dry. then dust the extra off with a paper towel. Apply your TransTape as usual and this will provide an extra barrier for the adhesive to be against instead of directly to your skin.

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