You’re probably thinking, “that sounds cool… but could TransTape really work for me?” And the answer is, more often than not, YES! Here are some key details that can help you answer that question:


If you’re looking for a way to secure your chest tissue without wrap-around compression, hour time-limited, and without removing when you sleep, shower and swim, TransTape is right up your alley.

Can I use it if I have a large or extra-large chest?

YES! You can use TransTape if you have a bigger chest size. It’s a common myth that unless you’re a smaller chest size, TransTape can’t work for you. But that’s not the case. 🙂 My best friend and coworker Beau DuBois is a DD+ and he manages our live chat full-time to help you apply no matter what size you are!


Many people with larger chests find it very helpful to lay down during their first strip application. This lets gravity assist in the “flattest” for your body type placement of your chest. For large and plus size start with 4 blue lines with our large-size tape and adjust from there. You don’t want it to stretch onto your back, just under your armpit. You should only need 2 – 4 pieces per side, 3 preferably. Less is better. Check out this video on our YouTube Channel showing exactly how Beau applies his TransTape!


If I have sensitive skin or skin conditions, can I use TransTape?

You may still be able to use TransTape! We’ve had reports of people with multiple skin conditions being able to use the product successfully. The most important part of the TransTape system and process is listening to your body and starting with the test strip. To test if you’re skin has an allergy to TransTape, apply a 2×2 inch strip to the area where you’ll be using TransTape – usually under your arms or on your chest. Monitor the area for any itching or signs of reaction for a full 24 hours. It is imperative to perform this test strip to limit the potential allergic reaction to a small area of the body before the full use of TransTape.


Slight itching is normal as your skin gets used to having a foreign substance adhering to it. Pain and burning are NOT normal, and if you experience this, please follow removal instructions and discontinue use. It is important to follow our removal instructions for your test strip even if you do not have a reaction to keep your skin healthy!


Can I use TransTape if I’m not Transgender?

Yes, you can use TransTape if you’re not trans! Fun fact: The owner Kaiyote Jackson, actually intended for the “Trans” in the name to stand for “Transformation” but it’s often assumed as “Transgender”. TransTape also has a ciswoman on the team who advocates for and uses TransTape regularly and has had multiple reports of women using TransTape in place of bras or swimsuits. Even cisgender men with gynecomastia are able to use TransTape to help secure their extra chest tissue as well!


Ready to give it a shot?

Now that you understand what TransTape is and you may have a better understanding if it’s right for you, think you’re ready to give it a shot? Let’s go to the next video and we’ll see which product is right for you!

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