TransTape Sizing Guide | What Size Should I Get?

Did you know you can bind without a traditional binder? Originally for this video, I had thoughts of doing a how-flat-can-i-really-get-my-transtape type video. I told people that I could bind my chest flatter but for me, I prefer it to be looser. And that is true. But there’s another truth I’ve been uncovering lately and that’s the realization that the method I learned to do on myself no longer works when gaining an 85lb bulk from starting hormones.

When I first moved to Tennessee in 2016 I was coming out of a depression that had me down to 135lbs. Now, almost 5 years later, I’m maintaining 210 lbs and I’m afraid my chest has added some unwanted chunky bulk as well. That being said, there’s no way my body can use the same technique, size, and method as when I started so this video is to find out what my new technique is going to be different. I’m a different size of TransTape so let’s see what my method would be if I were a customer hitting up the TransTape LiveChat we manage. We’ll do everything we can to help you bind without a binder!

 According to the TransTape guideline:

“TransTape comes in 3 sizes as well as 3 skin tones to best fit your needs. Sizing is a personal preference but here is a quick guideline: typically, A/B cups will want to use the small, 7.5cm wide roll as you will not need as much skin coverage. B/C cups typically benefit from the medium size as it tends to cover the breast well with one strip. D/DD+ and larger tend to enjoy the large, 12.5cm wide size as it helps to cover a large amount of skin and tissue with a single piece, but we have had many larger chested people report back that they prefer to use the small size because it is easier to manage.
Our owner was personally a “long” C cup and enjoyed using the medium 10cm size on the majority of his chest tissue and used the small 7.5cm size to smooth out the extra fat that would squish out the top.”

I began this journey at my smallest and I was a small A Cup. Now, if I was forced to look this up to know, I would probably report that my chest is about a medium B Cup. So before I just needed a 2.5 – 3 blue section strip of the small size. Now? I’ll be needing 2 medium strips for my chest per side. Let’s try that on and see how it goes!

ps. I add Repairing Salve after removing TransTape on my night or day off from taping. It’s important to take breaks too!

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